Pure Water - Midi Classic Distiller

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Producing up to four litres of water every three and half hours (that's 26 litres a day), the amazing Midi Classic can also store up to 18 litres of water in it's stainless steel tank, making it ideal for the family home or small business.

Constructed from high quality stainless steel, this unit will give years of faithful service with limited maintenance. With a built in steam sterilizer, this product is both multifunctional and will produce exceptionally pure water.

5 year limited warranty.

• Consistent Purity
• High Volume Of Produce
• Trusted By Hundreds Of Thousands Of Consumers

Each Distiller includes twin vents to allow dangerous gasses to escape. The midi classic also includes 25ft of water inlet tube. It is recommended that the carbon post filter is changed twice yearly.
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