Waterwise 4000 - Water Distiller

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The human body is made up of approximately 70% water. It is the stuff of life. So it makes sense for us to use the best source we can.

With the Waterwise 4000 this couldn't be easier! Fill the stainless steel bolier with tap water, put your collection bottle beside it and simply press the start button. It's fast, space saving and cost effective.

Model 4000 Specifications:
Includes: Distiller, 4 litre glass bottle and 2 carbon post filter cups to last 4 months.
Distillate Capacity: 7 UK Gallons (31 litres) in 24 hours
Dimensions: 15 inches (38 cm) Height, 9 inches (23 cm) Diameter
Net Weight: 8.4 Ibs (3.8 kgs)
Rating: 240VAC/50Hz, 800W
2 Year Limited Warranty
CE Certified
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