Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp - Glowing Air Purifier - 3-4kg

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This Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp, fashioned from a solid chunk of pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, is a natural air ioniser. It boosts the number of negative ions in the air, negating the unhealthy build-up of positive ions created by all the electrical equipment in your house. It's known to be beneficial for headaches, migraines and insomnia, can alleviate breathing difficulties in asthmatics and bronchitis sufferers and aid rest and relaxation in your living space.

The size of your Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is very important because the quantity of negative ions emitted from the lamp is directly proportional to its weight. So in order to get the full benefits of the lamp, you need to choose a lamp of the correct size for your room. See our guide below:

Room size / Weight of lamp
6 sq.m: 2-3kg
10 sq.m: 3-6kg
15 sq.m: 6-10kg
20 sq.m: 10-13kg
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