Distilled Water - 5.5 Litres

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The human body is made up of approximately 70% water. It is the stuff of life. So it makes sense for us to use the best source we can.

Tap water contains many unhealthy additives; chlorine, flouride and other additives harmful to people. There are also a great number of impurities that cannot be removed by any process other steam distillation. These include hormones from contraceptive pills and HRT treatments. Recent studies showed that more than 56 pharmaceutical drugs were found to be present in tap water including a cholesterol medication, the anti-convulsant carbamazepine, tranquilizers and mood stabilizers.

With this distilled water you can drink assured that you are getting nothing but pure water.

PLEASE NOTE.Untreated distilled water should not be consumed for long periods as it is devoid of minerals, is acidifying and unstructured. I treat my distilled water with a device called a Nikken Pi-Mag Optimizer.

Once opened, use within two weeks.

Contains no additives.
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