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This excellent pack contains the following:

2 x Spirulina: This contains phytonutrients and has been used for the 'Children of Chernobyl'

2 x Chlorella: Normally used to help remove the radioactive particles found in the body after radiotherapy.

1 x Lugol's Iodine 300ml: Iodine and Potassium Iodide in particular, is the standard treatment given to people to protect them from radiation. We supply a dropper for convenient dispensing.

2 x Epsom Detox Salts: Can be used for a soothing bath or taken internally for a liver flush which aids in the elimination of bodily toxins.

1 x Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Spray 15% (Sensitive Skin): Magnesium naturally chelates heavy metals from the body, aiding their removal.

1 x ZeoForce: This binds with radioactive particles in the body and aids their extrication.
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