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Nikken Pi-Mag Water Optimiser

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Do you distill your water? Is it flat and lifeless after distilling? Then look no further than the The Nikken PiMag Water Optimizer. When you distill your water, you will inevitably be left with lifeless, slightly acidic, mineral void water, which will taste pretty ???? The Nikken PiMag Water Optimizer will put the life back in your water. It will recreate natural, pure drinking water, oxygenate and ionise your PiMag water and consequently will be more absorbable by the body.

How does it do it? Using a revolving pair of 4,400 gauss magnets produces a complex magnetic field; a cocoon of magnetism. The pi ring inside the jug exposes the water to natural minerals and coral calcium as the rotor creates a vortex (cyclone) pattern, adding oxygen.

The PiMag Optimiser features a digital display panel with a countdown timer, and a two-litre jug with a closable spout.
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1 - 1 of 2 results